Expect something different.

78 Coffee Co, established in 2019, was founded on a vision: To bring an authentic “Kentucky experience” to the coffee world, our wholesale partners, and our customers. We care for our coffee the way Kentucky cares for its bourbon, by sourcing only the highest quality arabica beans, bringing out the perfect balance of flavors in the roasting process, and matching each order to the unique taste preferences of our customers.

Why choose 78 Coffee Co. for wholesale?

Unlike other providers, 78 Coffee Co does not lease equipment and work the lease into our wholesale price per pound. 78 Coffee Co. will give recommendations on brewing equipment and offers to let the wholesale customer purchase equipment through 78 Coffee.

With the client purchasing the equipment up front, the cost of the wholesale coffee is significantly lower than our competitors.

78 Coffee Co. stands by any equipment we recommend to be low energy production and cost effective units.

78 Coffee Co is willing and capable to work alongside approved food service equipment contractors when it pertains to setting up the new coffee machines. This shall include, but not limited to the following: recommendations placement of coffee machines for effective and efficient daily operation.