At 78 Coffee, we care for our coffee the way Kentucky cares for its bourbon.

Sourcing only the highest quality arabica bean from the mountains of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, and Brazil, we are skilled at bringing out the perfect balance of flavors in the roasting process, and matching each order to the unique taste preferences of our customers.

And not just any beans will do. We consider the altitude where they are grown, the region of the country, and even the person farming them. No detail is overlooked.

The heart of our business is to supply great wholesale coffee. Something richer, bolder, and better tasting than anything out there on the market. Our coffee stands out in an industry of same old, cookie cutter blends.

We offer free consulting, either online or in person, with businesses about brewing equipment and coffee quality, ensuring the perfect fit for your individual needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can partner together and share the experience of 78 Coffee.

When you walk into 78 Coffee Co., you are met with the a mix of aromas rising from our huge roaster and the burlap sacks of beans from the mountains of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, and Brazil. We take care in our craft from the very beginning of the process: sourcing the beans, considering the altitude, the region, and even the person farming them.

Our roaster is the centerpiece of our shop. We fire it up first thing in the morning, and soon the smells permeate the room, emanating the heady and inviting aromas till closing time. Customers get a first-hand look at the process, in which 78 Coffee Co.’s Master Roasters break down the tones, the notes, and the roasting temperatures that are the art and craft of coffee.

Whether you order a brew of single-origin beans roasted at their sweet-spot temperature, or a proprietary blend that has been perfected over a half century of craft, a lot goes into your cup.

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